All good things come to an end

My wife and I have had a data plan with Verizon Wireless for several years, long before they changed their all their plans in order to make more money at their customers’ expense. So we were grandfathered in for unlimited data while new customers were charged more and more for their new tiered data plans.

Until May. When my wife upgraded her iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy 4s, we were informed that the whole grandfathering thing was over. We too, having lived the life of Riley for all these years, would now join the rest of the commoners and get screwed on a monthly basis.

So we asked the Verizon rep what would be the best plan for us, knowing that we’d be adding our teenager to the data plan since he was inheriting my wife’s old smartphone. The rep looked at our previous history then made the bold statement, “You can go with the 2Gb plan. People always think they use more data than they really do. Hardly anyone needs more than 2Gb.”

OK. Fine. It’s his job to know these things, right? They don’t just hire any schlep off the street and put them on the Verizon Wireless store’s floor, do they? They go through training, no?

Probably, no. Because from the very beginning we started getting “data alerts” warning us that we were nearing our data limit for the month. Some months we were only warned we were at 75%. But there were a couple where the alert told us we were at 90%.

September was the straw that broke the camel’s back (and he wasn’t shouting, “What day is it?”). On the 28th, we received a 75% warning. Then, a mere two days later, we received the ominous text “Your account used abt 90% of its data allowance for the bill ending the 4th.”

Now I’m not a math wizard, but even I can extrapolate that if we used 15% of our data in two days that 10% would not last the four or five days until the plan reset. I had a decision to make. Either try to hold out until the plan reset and hope if we did go over that the overage charges wouldn’t be very excessive, or upgrade our account to the next tier up.

SO I logged on to Verizon Wireless and did a little figuring. The next step up from 2Gb was 4Gb and it was only $10 more. I decided to upgrade our plan.

Now we’re at 4Gb. “Hardly anyone ever uses more than 2Gb.” I wonder if the schlep rep now has a job advising the House Republicans? “Hardly anyone likes Obamacare.”



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