I told you so, SyFy to release more schlock

Did you listen to me? Noooo. And now, they’re back, worse than ever.

SyFy, the schlock movie channel, is at it again. Their last movie, Sharknado, has inspired them to create more schlock.

Seriously, did you think they’d stop at Sharknado? Well, they didn’t. Despite dismal ratings (it ranked 38th that night, they immediately gave the green light to Sharknado 2, but worse than that, they’ve already completed another schlock project and just have to come up with a release date for it.

This is what happens when a movie trends on Twitter at a rate of nearly 5k tweets a minute the way Sharknado did. Executives at SyFy take notice and think it gives them carte blanche to create more crap.

What is the new piece of shit movie they’ll be foisting upon us?

Imagine if you will, spring break, in the mountains, with snow bunnies in bikinis, and a snowboarder causes an avalanche that unleashes, well you asked for it, prehistoric snow sharks!

Yes, Avalanche Sharks.

Here’s the trailer.

OK. There you go. Hope you’re happy.

Stop encouraging SyFy.



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