The Wearin’ of the Purple!

Everybody’s Finnish today! Put on your best purple and green, hoist a frosty glass of purple beer, and speak in a Finnish accent!

That’s right folks, once again, it’s St. Urho’s Day!  

Why wait until tomorrow and “that other ethnic holiday” when you can start today pretending you are Finnish?

St. Urho’s Day is the day before that other one and thus is superior to it.

I mean, really, if you’re going to pretend to be of a different ethnicity, why not pretend you’re Nordic? Vikings! Raids! Skiing down slopes battling invading Russians!

Reindeer! That other holiday doesn’t have reindeer.

And instead of just one color, St. Urho’s Day celebrates with two colors: purple and nile green.

That makes the holiday twice as good as that other. St. Urho’s Day, if you’ve been living in a cave, celebrates the Finnish patron Saint Urho, who saved the Finnish grape harvest from a cloud of grasshoppers.

So raise a glass of purple beer and shout: “Heinasirkka, heinasirkka, mene taalta hiiteen!” (Grasshopper, grasshopper, go away.)

Or, if you prefer, celebrate both holidays together. Make it a 48 hour blast of Finnish-Irish-American camaraderie!

hauskaa viikonloppua!



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