2018 Mindset List

Beloit College has released it’s annual Mindset List that highlights all the things students entering their Freshman year in college have grown up with and always believed to be true.

Beloit College Mindset List 2018

This list is designed to make the rest of us feel old, but sometimes, like with this year’s list, it just leaves me confused with a few of it’s entries. I often wonder if they are more regional to other parts of the country. In some cases, that’s obvious, like the Affirmative Action being outlawed in California. Not having lived there, I wouldn’t know that, nor do I believe anyone else would who isn’t a native to that state.

So without further ado, here are the ones that really do confuse me.

#3, “Meds have always been an option.” What does that even mean? Meds have been an option for what?

#11, “The water cooler is no longer the workplace social center; it’s the place to fill your water bottle.” Has the water cooler ever been the workplace social center except in bad sitcoms?

#12, “In their lifetime, a dozen different actors have portrayed Nelson Mandela on the big and small screen.” In what? I wasn’t even aware there were any Nelson Mandela movies or TV shows, but then, I’m not much for biographies of any sort.

#26, “Hell has always been associated less with torment and more with nothingness.” I wasn’t aware Christians had changed the definition of Hell. I mean, I know they closed Limbo, although I’m unsure where they sent all the unbaptized babies that were sent there for several hundred years. And then there is Purgatory, which I thought was a place you went to suffer for your sins to purify your soul on your way to Heaven. Personally, I thought “Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens,” not Hell (Lyrics from the Talking Heads song “Heaven”).

#29, “They never tasted the “texturally enhanced alternative beverage” known as Orbitz.” Has anyone even heard of Orbitz?

#36, “U.S. major league baseball teams have always played in Mexico.” This is news to me.

#37, “Bill Gates has always been the richest man in the U.S.” I always thought it was Warren Buffet.

#44, “The family has always been able to buy insurance at local banks.” Huh? What banks? I’ve never seen any bank offer insurance.

#46, “They have probably never used Netscape as their web browser.” This isn’t true at all. My wife and I both used Netscape as browsers until they were no longer supported after 2008. Therefore, both my sons have used them.

#48, “’Salon’ has always been an online magazine.” What else was it?

#53, “’Good feedback’ means getting 30 likes on your last Facebook post in a single afternoon.” I guess I’ve never had good feedback.

#55, “Since Toys R Us created a toy registry for kids, visits to Santa are just a formality.” People still shop at Toys R Us?

And yes, much of that was tongue-in-cheek. It’s sad that I have to say that, but some people just love to be offended. “How can you say that?” Well, I can say that because it’s called “humor.” Get some.

Anyway, the Beloit Mindset List is always good for a discussion around the watercooler on “kids today.” It offers an interesting perspective on the younger generation, although sometimes, it includes things that just leave me scratching my head.

Golly gee, but I hope I get good feedback on this.



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