Dirty Airy

Its only November and 50% of the contiguous United States has snow cover. Here in Wisconsin, up north aways, by Gile, they recorded 50.1 inches of snow. Yes, four feet of the white stuff fell from November 10th through early morning November 14.

November. Normally we average temperatures in the 40s. This year we’re going through temperatures in the teens and colder.

This year, winter has come early and by many predictions, it’ll be here for a long while.

Milwaukee has been subjected to a long strange weather pattern over the last three or four years. We went through a period where we set a record for the longest time between snowfalls, 288 days set in 2012. (And I believe Chicago went 329 days without snow.)

That also happened to be the last year Milwaukee saw a decent summer. The last two were cool and wet.

Then in January 2014, we set a record for consecutive days below zero, 28. Not only that, 2014 was the year every month from January through June had below average temperatures (I stopped keeping track after that, so its possible that trend continued until November).

And it isn’t just Milwaukee. There’s drought in California, super storms across America, and unusual weather around the world.

Is this recent spate of weather just a fluke, or is this what Climate Change looks like? Well, to tell you the truth, in all the excitement over global warming, I’ve kinda lost track. But seeing how this is the Earth, and our lives depend on its fragile ecosystem, before you throw out denier rhetoric and spew more greenhouse gases into the air, you have to ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?



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