Pen Fail

So I saw this really sharp looking fountain pen on eBay with a really cheap price. Supposedly, it was a Hero, which is a Chinese brand, but a brand of some repute. (If you aren’t aware, many Chinese pens are just extremely cheap imitations of some classic American or European models.)

I figured, why not. It was nice looking and even if it didn’t work, I didn’t pay much for it (I believe it was less than $5).

It came and it is a nice looking pen. It has a brown marveled finish with silver accents and black trim. It has an hooded nib, like my Parker, which I love, and a bladder system that uses a flexible metal strip that you press to squeeze the bladder and fill with ink.

There is a logo on the section that looks like a snake or dragon (see photo). I can’t make out the name, but it isn’t “Hero.” Maybe its “Pawned.”


Well, as with most things, looks aren’t everything. If this were a sword, it would be what is known as a “wall hanger.” Only good to display.

The nib is scratchy. Imagine taking a paper clip, straightening bit, then dipping it in ink. The experience would be the same.

But the worst part isn’t he ink flow. Again, look at the photo. See that writing? Its backwards because the ink flows so quickly it bleeds through the paper to the other side!

Lesson learned. This will go into a stand with a few other fountain pens I’ve purchased that also qualify as “wall hangers.” I’ll do a future post on those.

Caveat emptor.



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