Your account is locked, have a nice day

Ever have one of those computer security days where you know damned well you typed in your user name and password, but you kept getting the frustrating “user name or password was incorrect.”?

Yes, that was this morning.

I wanted to pay our car loan. I got out my little black password book and typed the access information CORRECTLY three times. It locked me out. Now could I have typed it incorrectly three times? Possible, but highly unlikely. Could my fingers been on the wrong keys? No. I’ve been typing for 42+ years. Was the caps lock on? Nope. After the first ” access denied” i was slow, deliberate, and I checked and double-checked what I was typing. Their system was just being an ass.

I then went to their ” Forgot password” link. Guess what? I needed to know my loan number. Not my email used to register. Not even the three security words they had me create when I registered in the first place (so then, what was the point of creating them?). My loan number, which I didn’t have time to search for since this was making me late for work. I hate computer security.

So I had to call their customer service line. Good thing for whoever would have answered that I had leave for work because I was steaming mad and would have launched into them with a tirade about their stupid security procedures that would have melted their earpiece.

And yes, I realize it isn’t the operator’s fault and I shouldn’t take it out on them. Heck, I get irate phone calls too and understand how it feels to unjustly take on someone else’s anger.

Still, I was irrationally pissed.

Once at work, now calmed down, I called and explained what happened. Somehow, I was locked out.

“Do you know your loan number?” No. “Can I have your social security number.” Yes. “Sir, you’re not listed as having setup a profile.” Huh? “Everyone can setup their own profile to access the account.” Huh? “Your wife has a profile, but you don’t.” I’m the one who registered on your website (and probably used my wife’s info since the loan was in her name). So now what? “I can give you the loan number so you can reset the password.” (Doh!) That would be nice. Thank you. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” No, you’ve done more than enough. “I’d suggest setting up your own profile so this won’t happen again. Have a nice day.” Bite me.

So I got a temp password. Created a new password (actually, the same one in my little black book. Why waste one unnecessarily?), and paid my bill.

Still have no clue what went wrong. It wasn’t like it was a new password I had incorrectly written down, I’ve successfully logged on in the past.

Did I mention I hate computer security?



3 thoughts on “Your account is locked, have a nice day

  1. This has happened to me too. But, yes, in most cases it was my fault. Sometimes my typing finger hits another key softly at the edge so that I haven’t noticed it. And wham I have a spelling mistake. My PayPal account has two email addresses, one for the account and one to log in with. Sometimes I forget which is which and use the wrong one several times before I realise what I have done. Complex passwords can be a problem too, although I do check mine every time I use them. However, most of the problems with blocking comes from spelling errors – mistyped email addresses and passwords. Now, did I mention the times that my credit card has been blocked? The pin numbers were always right of course. Just entered in the wrong order? Lol.

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