Faux chocolate treat

A little Back story: My wife received this box of chocolates a while back. They were oblong pieces about 2 inches by a half or three quarters of an inch wide, about the size of two joints on my finger (but since you’ve never seen my fingers that probably doesn’t help) and each is encrusted with crumbled nuts, almond or cashew, wrapped in foil. So this morning, there were only two left. I threw the box away and set the two, one partially out of its foil, on the counter.

We have 5 pets. Three cats and 2 dogs, one of whom is a known counter surfer.

Later this morning, as we were getting ready for work, I noticed one of the chocolates was in the hall between the kitchen and living room. I was like, “How did this get here? I’ll bet a cat knocked it off the counter and a dog brought it here and we interrupted them from their feast.”

So I picked it up. But the moment I got a closer look, i knew immediately it wasn’t one of those nut-encrusted chocolates from the counter. No. This had a different texture and it wasn’t nuts that encrusted this.

It was a fresh cat turd sprinkled with kitty litter.


So after vigorously scrubbing my hands in bleach….

I wonder how that got there. The litter pans are in the basement, so either a cat carried it up (unlikely) or a dog did (more likely) hoping to savor his treat but we had interrupted him.

And why do dogs eat cat poop anyway? Ew.

So, starting forward, I’m going to be a little more observant of objects on the floor prior to picking them up in my hand.



One thought on “Faux chocolate treat

  1. Yes, dogs eat cat poop. There is a scent given off from the poop that makes the dog go wild for it. Relate it to a man who loves meat and putting a steak in front of him and telling him ‘NO!’ That’s why I try to keep all the litter boxes away from my dog’s reach or make sure the entrance holes are to small for his head.

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