Waiting for the treadmill

A brief rant: We finally ordered our treadmill, the Schwinn 870, through Sports Authority. I could have saved $200 buying it through Amazon, but I didn’t see that they offered assembly. Sorry, but I’m not attempting to put a $1000 treadmill together. Also because we really find the people who work at the Brookfield Sports Authority store to be extremely friendly and helpful.

So we placed the order on 4/13. It was being shipped from the Seattle Schwinn plant via J.B. Hunt. Who I can’t recommend. The box didn’t arrive in our area until 4/23 and the earliest drop-off we could arrange was 4/27. The lady said it would come in their big semi. Are there any trees or power lines to worry about?

“No.” They will drop it off inside the nearest door.

“That’s my front door. They’ll drop it off in my living room?”  She said, or they can drop it off in the garage, if you have one. I asked the lady if they could take it straight into the basement.
Are there steps?

Yes, that’s why its called a “basement.”

No, they are only required to drop it off under the nearest overhang, but you can ask them.

So, yesterday, the massive semi arrives. One worker. With a defective dolly — it had tiny 4 or 5 inch wheels and the rubber was missing from one of them, exposing the metal rim.

I made a snap decision NOT to ask him to take it in the basement. That wheel would have gouged the shit out of our linoleum-covered steps leading downstairs.

So he dropped it off in the middle of the living room. It weighs 240 pounds. Is about 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and almost 2 feet thick.

I attempted to lift it by the straps and almost burst a nut. Hooboy. So I pushed it over to the side, out of the way as best you can get a giant cardboard box out of the way.

Now we wait until Saturday, because that’s the earliest we can get the Assemblers in.

I sure hope they can move it in the basement. I’ll be pretty pissed if, for whatever reason, they decide moving it isn’t their job and they build it in our living room.

I mean, honestly, how can we use it to hang laundry if it isn’t in the basement?



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