Hi Ho Silver!

I’m about to drive all the Gibson fanboys crazy.

Remember back when I wrote Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, Which Guitar is Going to Go? and I had decided to trade in my 2000 Gibson SG Special for a Gretsch? But then in SG Update I decided not to sell the Gibson? Well, guess what?

A few weeks back I traded in my 1980s Peavey Backstage Plus and was able to get a brand spanking new Peavey Vyper VIP2. It was relatively painless. And it got me to thinking about the SG again.

On Saturday (4 days ago)  my wife and I went to the Half Price Books across town. Next door to this is a Music Go Round, so I figured, what the hell, I’ll just go in and look. No harm in that.

They had a wide assortment of guitars, mostly cheaper things like Epiphone, Squire, Luna, First Act, Oscar Schmidt, Cort, but also some Fender, Ibanez, LTD, Schecter, PRS, and a 2008 Gibson SG Faded Cherry. I pulled that one down and started playing it. It was in pretty good condition and actually felt better than my SG.

The next day, Sunday, I came back and brought my SG with me to get an estimate. While they priced it, I played with a few other guitars, a Carvin DC150, an Ibanez AFD75 Artcore, an Ibanez AFJ95VSB, a PRS SE.

And then I saw it: it had a silver speckle finish and a welcome glow. I plugged it in and it purred like a kitten, while the tremolo bar gave the purr a nice wavering warble.

About this time, the salesman came up and said they could offer $349 cash for my SG or $360 in trade, which was close to the ballpark figure the guy at Cream City Music had quoted me.

I said, OK, I was interested in the SG Faded, but I noticed it had some fret buzz on the E and D strings when you fretted from about the 3 fret up to the 7th. He took it and played with it, then said, yes, there was some buzz, but nothing unusual. I admit I’m no expert on guitars, but I don’t think fret buzz is acceptable and it means I’d have to take it in for a tune-up. So I asked if I could get some money off of it (I was thinking at least the $50 it would cost me to get it tuned), and the manager had come over by this time and said, maybe a few bucks.

I said, no thank you, I’ll have to think about it. So I left. Over the last few days I kept thinking about that guitar. My dreams were filled with its gorgeous curves and luscious finish. I had to have it. So I went back tonight. I walked in and told them I had made my decision and wanted to trade in my SG. “For the Faded SG?” No, not the Faded SG, the silver sparkle one. The Gretsch G5246T Double Jet with the Bigsby tremolo.

So say goodbye to my SG:

2008 Gibson SG Special
2008 Gibson SG Special

And say hello to Silver:

2015-08-04 19.50.30
2007 Gretsch G5246T Double Jet

Yes, I named it after the Lone Ranger’s horse.

Now I don’t want to argue whether or not some of you experts think this was or was not an upgrade, because for me, it was. I was never truly happy with that SG and I’m very happy with Silver.

And it would seem that in the process I’ve become a Gretsch fanboy.

Hi ho, Silver! Away!



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