Friday and a long holiday weekend

TGIF, people! Although my weekend started yesterday. We’re vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells.

June Challenge Day 30

Today is the last day of my June run a mile a day challenge. It was also the only day I didn’t run on a treadmill; I ran on the street. 

I also ran 1.8 miles, according to the tracker I was using, PumaTrak.

I was a little disappointed in PumaTrak because for the first minute or more, it kept pausing on its own and I had to continually restart it. So I’m not sure if it gave me an accurate rating. Tomorrow morning, I’ll use the ever-faithful Runtastic to get a better measure.

Now that thw challenge is finaihed, what wonderful changes have I seen? To be honest, nothing. I’m sure there is something, but I must be pretty self-unaware. 

Friday Weigh-In

Technically, I weighed myself yesterday, but since I knew today I wouldn’t have access to a scale, I did it early. My new weight? 197.5 pounds. I dropped 2.1 pounds.


Time to celebrate!

Let’s all dive into some Suicide by Chocolate. Bottom layer is chocolate cookie dough, middle layer is Oreos, and the top layer is fudge brownie mix. Baked until it’s one, rich enticing treat, perfect for celebrating life.

We’re also in the Wisconsin Dells at Mt. Olympus Resort for my younger son’s seventeenth birthday. The Dells is an area know for having a ton of great waterparks. 

Poseiden’s Rage. That’s a 9 foot wall of water heading for the crowd

One of our favorite rides, if you will, is Poseiden’s Rage, where a giant nine-foot wall of water crashes into you every ninety seconds.

And that’s it for my Friday report. Time to jump in The River Troy.




Raging fun but no run

Over the last few months I’ve gradually increased my distance and speed running.

I was up to 2 miles in about 21 minutes, about a 10.5 mile per hour pace.

Then I took last week off. Not for any reason other than a family vacation. Still, I packed my running shoes with the intention of running and the hotel did have treadmills, but I didn’t run.


Because at the end of each day I was too exhausted.

Let me explain.

We went to the Wisconsin Dells, the “Waterpark capital of the world.” We stayed at the Mt. Olympus waterpark and resort and we waterparked our butts off.

If you’ve never been, what a waterpark consists of are many times of water activities, from lazy rivers where you can float along in complete zen-like bliss under the scroching sun to giant water slides several stories tall where you can slide down on your back or in an inner tube plunging into a pool at the end.

They also have wave pools that recreate breaking waves like you’d find at a tempest-blown ocean shore. You spend your time battling those waves either in an inner tube or trying to swim against them. The waves generated probably get several feet tall and they are incessant. Fighting them gives a pretty decent workout that’s a lot of fun doing it.

Then there is Poseidon’s Rage. A much larger wave pool that generates one giant nine foot wave every 90 seconds. It is the third tallest surf wave in the world after a 9.8 foot wave in the Unites Arab Emirates and also in Spain, and a 10.8 foot wave in Scotland! It makes the Tidal Pool seem tame in comparison.

It’s like Poseidon himself is brushing his arm through the water trying to knock all the puny humans down.

We spend all day in that one, eight or nine hours battling these monstrous waves. Three days trying to swim against it, or dive under it, or jump up as high as you can only to be dashed down and thrown helplessly forward doing somersaults or spins tangling up with other human beings until the wave finally petered out leaving you in the shallows tired and laughing your ass off.

Great fun and probably a lot of exercise and the reason all I wanted to do was lay down and rest once we got back to our room. In that regard, I don’t feel I missed anything not running.

Last night I finally did run and broke my Rule about gradually increasing my runs. I ran 5k (3.1 miles) in 34 minutes alternating between 4.5 mph pace and a 6 mph pace. My previous longest distance on the treadmill was 2.25 miles. This was nearly a mile more.

It kicked my ass. I almost didn’t finish and kept wanting to hit Stop on the treadmill. I was gasping for breath the way I did when I first took up running and I imagine it’s because I took a week off from aerobics even though I did technically exercise.

But now I did it. I broke the 5k barrier. I’ll do it again next but I’ll lower the speed slightly so I can catch my breath.

Have fun. Go run.